Studio Night

Identity & Print Design

Studio Night, held twice a semester, is meant primarily for one thing: for our parents and friends to get a glimpse of what their money’s going towards/why we’re chained to studio the students have been working on. The goal this year was to coax more than our family and friends to come see our work, and hopefully get some students an summer internship. Restricted to keeping the name Visual Communication Design Studio Night, the concept behind my last Studio Night poster was to juxtapose the Swiss teachings of the design school with the loudness and excitable nature of our last two weeks as 3rd years. I made the usually-abbreviated Visual Communication Design an exploration into color and pushed the boundaries of what is legible and what is fun. I wanted to give off the idea of projection and mimic the shape of a megaphone to say that VCD’s last studio night is going to be exciting, loud and something work looking at.