Paper with Personality

Web Design & Web Development

The 8th annual poster show is a show meant to bring people all over Arizona to help raise money to put on a successful Graduate Exhibition. Each year, the poster is rebranded and students reach out to professionals all over the globe to donate posters that would then be featured in either a silent or live auction. This year, the show was branded Paper with Personality and managed to grab over 300 posters, some of which from studios and illustrators in Italy, Denmark, and Switzerland. The goal of the website was for everyone to be able to take a look at the posters and our own handmade social issue clocks so we could ramp up excitement for the show and raise as much money as possible. The website was created in a team of four; as the Web Committee lead, I was responsible for the design of the website, custom code, and helping add in every poster and clock. As a team, we met our deadlines and were able to come out with a website that was responsive, easy to navigate, and informative about the event. With over 7,000 page views, the website was a hit and helped aid in the over 7,500 dollars the event raised.